a mama’s poem

Me and My Twin Girls | Photo by Carrie Fay Photography

Soon enough, you’ll be tall like a tree.
In the blink of an eye, you’ll be grown up like me.
Soon enough, you’ll set sail far away.
So today, let’s stay home together and play.

Today we won’t hurry.
Today we won’t rush.
All those things will come soon enough.

Soon enough, you’ll know all the rules.

Now, her close friend is a Nazi’s daughter.

Hanna (left) and Verena (right) at the Judische Friedhof in Gemünd | Photo by Ryan Thurman

I have to tell you about my friend, Hanna Zack Miley. She’s petite with short, snow-white hair and eyes that emanate light. Her small frame contains an enormous soul.

Hanna’s beautifully written memoir, entitled A Garland for Ashes¹, tells one of the most important stories I’ve ever encountered, and it…

She was screaming and emptying out her backpack all over the street.

Photo by Dick Saunders on Unsplash

I was sitting outside a coffee shop with my husband. Several others were around sipping coffee, chatting and working on computers. A few yards away, a petite woman with shoulder-length gray hair was screaming profanities — raging about how no one acknowledged or cared about her.

She was throwing the…

Amber Hunter

Sonoran Desert Dweller | Storyteller here at Medium | Songwriter at youtube.com/amberhuntermusic | Twin Mama | Spiritual Director | I write to grow.

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